Alien Puppies Card Game - Family-Friendly Party Game for Adults, Teens and Kids

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Alien Puppies is a Strategic Sci-Fi Card Game Adventure with Sci-Fi Puppies for 2-5 players. Collect 3 Alien Puppies in your Backyard and avoid Barkmageddon! It is the perfect card game for adults, teens and kids who love puppies, sci-fi geeks and board game enthusiasts!

✅ 2-5 players

✅ Ages 7+

✅ 20 mins

✅ 2 mins to learn

✅ Family-friendly party game

400% funded on Kickstarter

Box content: 77 cards, instructions, lots of puppies! 🐶😍


"Adorable fun" - Geek Tyrant

"I recommend Alien Puppies as a great addition to any game collection" - Michael Knight, GeekDad

"A top-notch product" - Board Game Halv 

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